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NinjaZane's Opinions - MySims Shipping Map by NinjaZane NinjaZane's Opinions - MySims Shipping Map by NinjaZane
Meme made by :iconsumo65:

So I am like really really REALLY sick and I have been working on this for the past few days and I just can't think straight anymore so I am just going to post this where I have it.

Ummm break down... oh gawd...

I guess to start off I'll just say it, yellow-orange lines, sorry about all of those, I was just thinking of every ship I have ever seen since I started playing MySims and alot of them I really had no clue how I feel about them, I'm not even going to jump into them because there is just alot and you can just sit there, and look though them if it it even possible to see where the lines go.

- Violet x Daniel: I don't know, it's kind of a given, I'm all for cannon stuff for the most part, so if it is cannon I just sit there and agree with it. but other than that I think it is adorable becasue it's like someone shipping a Zoura and an Eevee you just do it because everyone else does becasue it makes sense! If that makes any sense...
Like I said I am sick and I really can't think straight.

- Vic x Alexa: Like I can't explain why I really like this ship, it has got to be my favorite cannon x cannon ship next to Ginny x Rusty. Like I legitimately have no explanation as to why I ship them. I like how they look together? I guess?

-Goth Boy x Ray: I like yaoi, ok, I enjoy it. I really like the cute stuff, hardcore sometimes makes me uncomfortable. But I have to have a yaoi couple somewhere or I will feel like there is something totally wrong with me, but that of course depends on the fandom. Anyway, this is like one of the first yaoi couples I was exposed to when I got into the MySims fandom and I though it just worked together (unlike the first yaoi couple I was exposed to when I got into KH, -shivers- that was just haunting and it was the first yaoi couple I have EVER experienced). Plus they would date but they wouldn't act like they were dating and I think that is adorable.

- Ginny x Rusty: I actually didn't care for this couple at first and then I heard a song by Thriving Ivory ([link]) that reminded me of them and I just really grew to love them together. (Thriving Ivory just reminds me of MySims Kingdom to begin with).

- Buddy x Lyndsay: They are like Ron and Hermione, there is my reason for shipping them.

- Elmira x Barney: I don't have to explain myself

-Travis x Liberty: I love relationships where it's two friends who finally realize that they were totally meant for each other. Plus if I don't pair them up in MySims Kingdom then it throws my whole game off.

- Raven x Ray: It has been a LONG time since I have actually though about this ship, I only have seen it a couple times and every time I had played MySims they would hang out constantly in my game. That was in my old game for the Wii wish I don't play anymore because the game is SUPER slow. On the PC they don't hang out very much. I just grew to enjoy watching them do really random shit together.

-Makoto x Derek: I lean a bit more neutral when it comes to this but I like to think how funny it would be when he discovers she is a robot, plus I need a ship I like and can laugh at.

- Summer x Chaz: Like ok this one is really cliché but I can't help it. Chaz like people to cheer for him and Summer likes to cheer so it works.

- T.O.B.O.R. x P.R.O.T.O.-M.A.K.O.T.O: Despite the fact that they are technically related, they are two of three robots in the entire MySims game and I like variety. Plus just think of all the human hating they can do together!

- Petal x Leaf: I had to throw this one around a bit because i'm pretty sure they are related at least that is one of my head cannons for them, so this is actually quite conflicting for me. But I think it's cute cause like they are totally not of the same wavelength and I enjoy couples who would argue or nag one another but will still hang out with each other even after they disputed over something. Like if their personalities were switched I don't think I could ship these two or even stand them for that matter.

- Sapphire x Zack: I don't actually see this one as much of a ship and they are just really close friends that everyone just assumes they would be dating (story of my actually life with every guy friend I ever have -cries-) but it would be one of those things where they would be dating and when people ask they are like "yeah but it's whatever" and then something about DJ Candy (Or Chaz McFreely in Sapphire's case)

- Goth Boy x Violet: Like I can see this ship but at the same time they have more of a brother-sister relationship and I have more a respect for that I guess? I don't think violet could handle his constant pessimism, Violet like spooky things but I think she enjoys a bit cheerful things sometimes too. Goth Boy would probably suffocate her with his despair.

- Violet x Sir Vincent Skullfinder: Ok, I find having someone vomiting all over a buffet table at a party and then everyone continue to eat off said buffet table to be more visually appealing than this shipping. Like the dude is probably almost 60 and he has a crush on a girl who is like not even 20? I don't hate odd age couples for the most part (Love is love in my eyes) but sometimes I think there has to be a line that is drawn somewhere. Plus I think Vincent would't be good with anyone, he is one of those character that I find to be un-shippable, which it's actually kind of sad because I think that there is someone for everyone. But seriously, Violet is not for Vincent in my eyes, the whole things just makes my skin crawl.

- Travis x Summer: I'm too much of a Travis x Liberty fan to actually even give this ship a chance. Like in MySims Kingdom I have only paired them up once just to see what that choice was like, and I though it was funny but I immediately turned off the game so I could pair him up with Liberty again. It's also a bit obvious, which is not bad but it's like been there done that. The successful guy get's the popular girl. Plus I don't think Summer would be able to stand Travis when he is on his phone at all, I mean do you recall that scene in MSK where you told her that he loved his phone and she got super pissed?!

- Goth Boy x Yuki: It's not really that bad of a ship, but the problem I see with it are that Yuki is way to hyper and I think Goth Boy would just get really annoyed with her really fast, which you can kind of see in MSK that he is not pleased with her blocking the bridge (but he is not pleased with anything in that game until l the end of the spookane quest and even then I don't think he'd still be able to stand her for long period of time). Like Yuki would probably cling to him and follow him around and never give him space but like when he breaks up with her she wouldn't really care and go on with her life. Like it would seem like an Amensalism relationship to me.
(Definition of Amensalism - the type of relationship that exists where one species is inhibited or completely obliterated and one is unaffected.)

- Goth Boy x Sin

- Ray x Nephele

- Rob Jarrett x Nephele: I actually don't really ship this, but it happens in my up-coming branch off comic. The comic is still in the planning stages but it's pretty brutal for me to think about the relationship they will have. Like if this up-coming comic doesn't get you thinking about certain relationships or situations that happen around you then something just might be wrong with you.

Sims that I find to be hard to ship or un-shippable with reasons (Nothing major against them).
-Sir Vincent Skullfinder: He is just someone I don't really care about, in fact he aggravates me sometimes. Especially in Sky Heroes.
-Skip Rogers: He just creeps me out.
-Yuki: I think she is just to hyper and cares more about shiny things than having an actually relationship with anybody unless they were made of gold or constantly covered in glitter.
-Goth Boy: Odd eh? Well I think the rest of the sims are just way too cheerful and then there is him and he is just a huge ball of pessimism. The pieces just don't fit.
-Morcubus: To preoccupied with "evil" to care about a relationship.
-Most, if not all, male Sims who's main interest is cute: It would be like taking Hunny and shipping him with Kyoya (Ouran High School Host Club characters, sorry if you are not familiar I just didn't know how to explain it any other way), it just doesn't make sense.


I'm sorry if any of these opinions offended you, and if you feel the need to argue with me I have some simple instructions for you.
One- do something to calm yourself down before you explode with unnecessary/rude insults and comments
Two- realize that this meme is just a fun thing to do and my opinions are not going to harm you in anyway
Three- if you insist that my opinions are a threat to you get away from this page, log off, go to a different site (I really don't are which) and pretend you never saw it.
Four- If you are seriously really fucking pissed about my shipping map, then watch a funny video (might I suggest something really weird and from japan? [link]) or play a violent video game (I suggest Fallout 3, anything with mass amounts of blood and exploding bodies)
Five- Well if you just seriously pissed off and bothered by my opinions then you can just go jump off the nearest park bench and into a pile of mud, then you will really have something to be mad about because you just fucking did that and you have most likely ruined your shoes, socks, pants, shirt, skirt, and or dress. And you would only really have yourself to blame because you had the power to control your actions.

If you disregard these suggestions on how to handle your inner shipping Nazi, I hope you are prepared to not get a response from me because if you hate my opinions because they disagree with yours and insist on raging about it then I just won't even give a damn about yours at all :D

Now if you wish to have a polite discussion about any ship at all then by all means, let's have a civilized discussion :meow:
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Harmonizing-Worlds Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
My MySims ships mostly consist of a bunch of crackships I've forced myself to think are normal. :XD:
Deviantartist9 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
I like Yuki x Goth Boy, I think she would be able to find the little piece of pure hapiness thats lies inside of him.
NinjaZane Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That's a cool way of looking at it :meow:

For me it's just that they are extreme opposites- the pair just doesn't click right in my head. It never has >..<;
ManofFunNCreativity Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Who's the girl in the leopard shirt?
NinjaZane Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... that would be Sylvia I believe
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